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If you want to sell your home fast, staging your home is one of the best strategies that you can use to attract potential homebuyers. For most homebuyers, the first impression that your home creates during viewing is critical as it determines whether the buyer gets attracted to it or not. So, what is home staging?

Home staging is the process of decorating and styling your home living spaces to bring out their best features to appeal to potential homebuyers. Since not all sellers stage their homes when selling, your staged home will stand out among other listed homes, and you are assured of a fast sale at the highest possible price.

Luckily, staging your home does not have to break your bank, as you can do it even when on a low budget. The following are practical home staging tips that will significantly impact your home value and buyer’s appeal. 

1. Deep clean and declutter

When planning to stage your house, you can’t afford to get it wrong when it comes to house hygiene. You need to carry out a thorough deep cleaning to ensure every component of your home is sparklingly clean to attract buyers’ attention.

If you don’t have time to clean it, consider hiring professional home cleaners experienced in home deep cleaning services. Cleaning should be done in both interiors and exteriors to ensure your house is spotless and inviting.

Decluttering helps your home appear more spacious, and it’s done by removing all the unnecessary items that have filled your house. Sort your belongings to determine which ones you need to retain, give away, or even dispose of. If you have too much furniture, consider storing some of it away so your house will appear more spacious with a better view of the features that homebuyers value most.

2. Depersonalize

Buyers want to visualize themselves living in your home, and it can’t be possible if you still have your personal and family photos plus other items hanging on the walls. It’s always advisable to remove all your personal items when staging your home so that your home can remain as neutral as possible. A depersonalized home gives homebuyers a chance to figure out how they will customize it according to their tastes and preference.

3. Improve your curb appeal

Your home exteriors are equally important as your home interiors. For example, if your home has a front or backyard, it’s vital to ensure that your curb is kept neatly to entice prospective homebuyers to even admire to see what your home interiors have to offer.

You can improve your curb appeal in many ways, such as 

  • mowing your lawn, 
  • revamping your main home entrance and front door, 
  • adding potted flowers, 
  • cleaning your walkways and driveways, 
  • cleaning your windows, 
  • applying fresh paints in areas where it has faded or peeled off, 
  • fixing faulty outdoor lighting fixtures, among others.

4. Let there be enough light

If you stage a dark house, no buyer will be interested in buying your home. Ensure your home has enough natural and artificial lighting fixtures, as brighter homes are inviting and look spacious. Clean your windows to ensure they are letting in enough natural lights. Also, replace any outdated electrical lighting fixtures with new models so that your home is well lit.

5. Apply neutral paints

A fresh coat of paint does magic in giving a face-lift to your home. However, the choice of paint color matters a lot. For your home to appeal to many prospective homebuyers, you need to apply neutral but not dull paint. A white, gray, or beige paint color is an excellent choice for home staging purposes.

6. Remove pets

If you are a pet lover, there is a high chance that you have several of them in your home. However, when staging your home, you need to keep them in an area that is not visible to prospective homebuyers, as some are allergic to pet dander or just don’t like pet odors. Erasing any signs of pets makes your home appeal neutral to all prospective homebuyers.


The home selling process can be daunting and tiresome, especially for first-time home sellers. However, when you stage your home the right way, you increase your chances of selling your home seamlessly in the shortest time possible. If you implement the above home-staging tips properly, you will sell your house fast and at the best price.

If you are thinking of selling your home, I’d love to have the opportunity to sit with you to discuss the LISTED Realty way of marketing and selling your home, so I can show you that there is a better way of selling your home that can save you thousands of dollars in fees. Call me, Heather, at (239) 851-4041 to schedule an appointment.

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Originally from Cornwall NY, Heather grew up cleaning her parents rental apartments and learning about real estate at a young age. She found her way to SWFL in her 20's and bought her first rental property at 25. After meeting with agents to list a property for sale, she began analyzing the commission scale for listing agents and didn't agree with the model. The journey began in 2014, in between working for a large real estate investment education company, working as a real estate agent for a large local brokerage, and managing her own investments in SWFL, she began to develop the Listed Realty secret sauce- professional full service and a flat listing fee.

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