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What is more Important to you?
The price you get for your home, or how much money you get
to put into your bank account once your house is sold?

So, you’ve decided to sell your home and are looking for a real estate agent to help you sell the property as quickly as possible and for the best price – but how do you decide which agent is going to work best for you? It’s tough, as there are so many to choose from, and let’s face it, most of them will give you pretty much the same pitch. 

So the next logical question is why should you choose LISTED Realty?

There are certain things you should expect from any real estate agent and brokerage that you hire. Hiring someone who has your best interests at heart, honesty, strong negotiating skills and good follow-up and reporting should be a given. And we at LISTED Realty certainly offer all of these things. But we offer two distinct differences that benefit all of our clients, regardless of the size and price of the home that they wish to sell…

  1. Flat Fee Listing Services
    With our Flat-Fee services our goal is to help you keep more of your home’s equity in your bank account after your home has sold. The vast majority of agents still charge a percentage of the selling fee of your home as their commission. A seller’s commission could easily be as high as 2-3%, so if your home sells for $300,000, you stand to pay $6,000-9,000 as a listing commission alone. If the sells for a higher price, you’ll pay a higher listing commission.With LISTED Realty you’ll pay a *flat-fee regardless of the price your home sells for. For the same $300,000 home, if you list with us, you’d realize a savings of between $2,500-5,500 compared to the stated percentages above.It really makes no sense to be paying more for the same service, does it?
  2. Full Utilization of Technology and Professional Services
    So a common argument given by some for not using a Flat-Fee service is that if you discount the commission you’re willing to pay, you’re going to get less of a service from the selling agent. With LISTED Realty that simply isn’t true. Here’s what we offer for all properties that list, regardless of price and size…
    • Initial meeting and walk-thru of the house
    • CMA- what’s your house worth?
    • Recommended steps for best presentation, and price analysis
    • Electronic lockbox
    • Professional photography & virtual tour
    • Property specific online marketing campaigns
    • Contract negotiations
    • Closing accompaniment

*Our flat-fees are currently $3,500 for homes under $500,000, or $5,000 for home sold for $500,000 or more

Below we have tried to simplify the steps that you will take on your journey towards buying your new home.



Set Goals

Let’s talk about your goals! How much money to you need to clear when selling your home? When do you need to sell by? Do you have another home in mind that you wish to buy? There are several considerations to keep in mind when selling your home and once we have those answers we can work on the best strategy for you.


Marketing Strategy

Pricing your home correctly is vital if you want to achieve a sale in a timely manner. Price it too high and it could sit for ages with no interest. Pricing it too low means you’re leaving money on the table unnecessarily. We’ll do the research so can provide you with an informed suggestion on price based on current market conditions and comparable houses that are up for sale and have recently been sold.


Setting The Environment

Before we put your home up for sale, we need to make sure that it’s ready to be viewed. There are a number of things that can be done to help create a great first impression of your home and to create competition from potential buyers. The more people who are interested in buying your home, the higher the price it’s likely to be sold for. So we’ll sit down with you to give you our ideas and to listen to your own.


Professional Promotion

Marketing is certainly an acknowledged skill of ours, and we’ll use it to its fullest extent to make sure we get as many eyes on your home as possible. We leave nothing to chance, so every home we sell will have professional photography, videography and 3D virtual-tours. We then take that media and promote it online extensively.


Offer Reviews

If we price the house right and we promote it properly we should soon start to see the offers coming in. We will negotiate as hard as possible to get the best possible price with the least amount of stress for you. Our Flat-Fee service will also offer you a certain amount of flexibility, compared to a more traditional 2-3% listing commission, as you might be able accept a lower offer and still walk away with more money in your pocket.


Oh Happy Day!

It’s game time. Final walk-through and wire transfer. We should be good friends by now. You will love your new home and I will always appreciate your trust and loyalty. Lets work together!