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Are you thinking of selling your house in Southwest Florida? The home selling process can be overwhelming and full of challenges if you decide to sell your home yourself. That’s why it’s usually advisable to get a helping hand by working with a professional real estate broker.

At Listed Realty, we are the top flat-fee real estate brokerage firm in  Southwest Florida and we have a proven track record. If you are looking for a reliable flat-fee real estate brokerage to help you sell your home here in Southwest Florida, then you really should consider working with us.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Listed Realty.

1. Lower brokerage fees

When you choose to work with Listed Realty, you automatically benefit from our flat-fee brokerage services. Our flat-fee means that home sellers who choose us pay a much smaller broker commission than what they could be charged if they opt for a full-rate brokerage service. This means you, as the home seller, benefit by keeping more of your home’s equity.

Although the home seller can sell by themselves (also known as For Sale By Owner), and pay no brokerage commissions, research has shown that homes sold by real estate professionals fetch higher prices, (up to 26%), than those sold without the help of professionals.

2. Free home valuation

Our full-service flat-fee includes working closely with home sellers to help them determine the ideal selling price. Our experienced realtors do this by researching other similar homes in the area that are either for sale, have recently been sold, and have recently been taken off the market unsold. This information allows us to determine a realistic price that you should offer your home for to potential buyers.

3. Help in home staging

The first impression that homebuyers get when they view your home is critical, as it motivates them to want to see more of your home, or it could simply turn them off completely. At Listed Realty, we provide professional advice on staging your home to attract potential buyers.

4. Professional home photos and videos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So the real estate market is increasingly becoming more visual to homebuyers. Our marketing services always includes professional photography and videography.

5. Installing a key lockbox on your property

We will install a sturdy key lockbox on your property to ensure your home is secure throughout the selling period. This lockbox will allow us and other authorized agents to gain access to your home to show it to potential buyers. In addition, the type of lockbox we install provides us with all kinds of information, such as who accessed the key, the time of entry, and the time they left and locked up again.

6. Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service

Adding your home to the MLS can reduce the amount of time your home is on the market before it attracts serious homebuyers. At Listed Realty, we market your home on the MLS and in other places to make it visible to a broad audience to improve the chances of your home selling fast.

7. Optimal marketing

At Listed Realty, we handle all the marketing aspects of your home to increase the chances of selling your property quickly and at the highest possible price. In addition, we market your home directly to other real estate agents, and to potential buyers on social media.

8. Review offers and draft counteroffers

When you get multiple offers from prospective homebuyers, you need a real estate professional to review them and advise which offers you should seriously consider. If needed, Listed Realty will also help you make counteroffers and negotiate with the homebuyer or their agent while always keeping your best interests in mind.

9. Tracking showings

Showings can be overwhelming, and a professional realtor plays a significant role in keeping tabs with every prospective homebuyer viewing your home. We professionally answer any questions that they may have regarding your home and always follow up to get feedback from those who view your home.

10. Review of the sales contract

A sales contract is a legal document that needs to be thoroughly reviewed by a professional, otherwise, there can be serious legal consequences down the line. We have a lot of experience dealing with real estate sales contracts, and we shall help you understand every detail before you sign anything.

11. Scheduling closing

Home closing is the final step of home selling, and you can count on Listed Realty to schedule your home closing and to work with the title company and all other parties to finalize the home sale with as little stress as possible to you.

In Conclusion

Selling your home without the help of a professional real estate agent can lead to costly mistakes and can also complicate the home selling process. Why not get a helping hand by working with Listed Realty and enjoy our affordable flat-free full-service?

Want to know more? Call me, Heather, at (239) 851-4041 and I would be happy to answer all of the questions that you have.

Originally from Cornwall NY, Heather grew up cleaning her parents rental apartments and learning about real estate at a young age. She found her way to SWFL in her 20's and bought her first rental property at 25. After meeting with agents to list a property for sale, she began analyzing the commission scale for listing agents and didn't agree with the model. The journey began in 2014, in between working for a large real estate investment education company, working as a real estate agent for a large local brokerage, and managing her own investments in SWFL, she began to develop the Listed Realty secret sauce- professional full service and a flat listing fee.

Industry passion fueled by a strong work ethic and an itch to always do the right thing makes for a successful broker you want on your side!

Heather Termini
(239) 851-4041

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